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Delicious Party Pretty Cure Stage Play Pops on Anime Masks in Digest Video

precure play

We haven’t thought about animegao kugurumi—AKA the masked cosplay that makes you look just like an anime character, for better or worse—in a long time, but here we are staring right in the face of it once again thanks to the Delicious Party Pretty Cure stage play. The latest entry in the series covers the ongoing 19th TV anime, with Delicious Party Pretty Cure Dream Stage having kicked off in Chiba prefecture on July 9 before touring all across Japan until March 2023.

The currently running PreCure play is produced by Kanagawa-based theater company Gekidan Hikosen, which specializes in masked character stage plays and has adapted popular kids shows like Ojamojo Doremi, Nintama Rantaro, Chibi Maruko-chan and more over the years. You can see how the Delicious Party Pretty Cure stage play looks, masks and all, in a new digest video clip.

The play version of Delicious Party boasts an original story—in which Yui and her friends find themselves transported to the Mochitsuki Kingdom—and stage-exclusive characters. 

Via Crunchyroll News