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Delayed God Eater Episodes, Naruto Spinoff Hit Airwaves in March

What do the delayed episodes of 2015’s God Eater and the new Naruto spinoff anime have in common?

They’re both set to hit Japanese tee-vee in March, that’s what.

Yes, that’s a mere three months between us and the long-delayed God Eater episodes 10 to 13 and the new Naruto spinoff anime Itachi Shinden.

God Eater, as you may recall, faced multiple production delays, including the first episode being delayed by a week and multiple “Extra” episodes strewn throughout the series’ run. Back in September it was announced the remaining episodes would air this winter, and now we have a date: they’ll begin March 5. I gueeeess that’s still technically winter, but you’re cutting it close, God Eater!

As for Naruto: Itachi Shinden, March is a bit of a surprise, considering we only learned of the spinoff’s existence last week. It’s based on a series of Naruto light novels, and word on the street is that it’ll be an arc of Shippuden rather than a standalone show, but that’s all speculation for now.

What we do know is that the Itachi Shinden novels are all about Itachi Uchiha’s childhood.

God Eater fans, Naruto fans: March is coming.

Source: ANN

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