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Danganronpa Musical Duo Trustrick to Go on Indefinite Hiatus

The two members of Trustrick, the musical duo that’s contributed songs to anime like Danganronpa, My Love Story!!, and Shonen Maid, are going their separate ways, at least for now.

The duo, vocalist Sayaka Kanda and guitarist Billy, will pursue separate solo careers, but not before finishing up the Trustrick Trick Tour in Tokyo December 17.

Trustrick, who released their first album in 2014, are best-known by anime fans for songs featured in Unlimited Fafnir, My Love Story!!, Shonen Maid and Dangenronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School. Kanda, the daughter of Japanese pop singer Seiko Matsuda, played Anna in the Japanese dub of Frozen.

In individual statements, Sayaka said her heart was full of gratitude to Trustrick fans, while Billy said he would work hard to stand in perform in front of everyone again.

The Trustrick Trick Tour kicks off November 26 in Sendai, and will take the duo to Aichi, Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo for their final performance.

Source: Anime Anime

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