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Cross Ange Anime Soars in Second Blu-ray & DVD Collection

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If you thought all of the wild revelations and action of the first half of Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon encompassed all the series had to offer, just wait until you get your hands on the rest. You’ll be able to do just that when

hits Blu-ray and DVD on August 23.

The stage has already been set, so now it’s time to kick Ange’s journey into a whole new gear. This leg of the story finds her, along with Tusk and Vivian, transported to an alternate and devastated world, where she will have to learn and come to grips with the history of her world and her own reality’s true nature.

With the fate of two worlds in balance, the time for the final battle draws near. Thankfully Ange will also finally discover who her ultimate enemy is, and how the key to salvation may very well lie within her para-mail, Villkiss. 

Cross Ange Collection 2 packs in episodes 13-25 along with a handful of extras, including clean versions of the opening and closing animation, commercials, a music video, and a Cross Ange Talk Show. You’ll definitely want to see how the war between man, dragon, and machine comes to an explosive end, and you can go ahead and pre-order your copy of


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