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Confessed Arsonist at Idol Concert Says He was Copying KyoAni Arson

kyoto animation arsonJapanese police recently arrested 38-year-old Shigeru Okada, alleging that he set fire to a building while an idol concert was going on inside in March. About 70 people were in the vicinity, and while there were some burn injuries, there are thankfully no reports of any deaths. Video footage from the area led police to Okada, who was arrested ten days after the arson.

Okada has confessed to the crime, though he has not given a motive. However, he did say that he was trying to copy the 2019 Kyoto Animation arson, which was a much more deadly attack than the one here. Police say that Okada bought almost four gallons of gasoline shortly before the fire started.

Source: SoraNews24


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