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Cloud Matsuri To Have Special Panel with Uzumaki Director and Producer

The UK’s Cloud Matsuri convention is digital this year, allowing people around the world to take part, and they just revealed a new panel about the anime adaptation of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki for Adult Swim.

But the director and producer of Uzumaki aren’t the only big business names to take part. Kunihiko Ikuhara, who has directed Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon, is another guest. Keeping with that theme, Revolutionary Girl Utena artist Chiho Saito is also taking part.

Then there’s director Mitsuo Fukuda of Metal Armor Dragonar, Mashin Hero Wataru and Mado King Granzort. Assistant Line Producer Hiroomi Ikeya of S-CRY-ed and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is another Japanese professional.

Other guests include co-founder and President of Right Stuf Anime Shawne Kleckner, director of community marketing at Crunchyroll Miles Thomas, and editor at large at Anime News Network Mike Toole.

Check out the Cloud Matsuri website for more details on guests and schedules.

Source: Cloud Matsuri


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