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Classic Manhwa Artist Soo-Yeon Won’s Confession Heats Up on Spottoon

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Spottoon is home to a plethora of renowned Manhwa and Webtoon artists, and one of the truly classic creators is Soo-Yeon Won. Her most well-known titles include Full House and Mary Stayed Out All Night, both of which have been adapted into South Korean television dramas, with Full House starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo. Now one of her recent works,

is bringing its heated romance to Spottoon.

centers on Daniel, a seemingly perfect man who decides to become a priest in an attempt to repent and escape his broken past. An integral part of that past was a woman named Shio, his true love now lost. Things take a turn for the cruel when Daniel runs into Shio again, a mere two weeks before she’s set to marry another man.

In true shoujo fashion, the passionate connection between Daniel and Shio is far from severed. However, the pain of the past twists with the restraints of their current lives to place an insurmountable obstacle before their love. Will they be able to overcome it and follow the path fate has created? 

Soo-Yeon Won’s

is yet another comic that perfectly showcases the qualities of the Webtoon format. Once you pick it up you won’t be able to put it down. Fans of shoujo manga in particular will find many of the genre’s beloved qualities in Confession, as well as other Manhwa from Soo-Yeon Won. Her deft ability at tapping into the heart of situations both dramatic and comedic is one of the main reasons Full House and Mary Stayed Out All Night were such rousing successes. Spottoon plans on translating and officially releasing more work from Soo-Yeon Won, so look forward to that once you’re all caught up on her latest sizzling story!

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