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Cheeky Sports Anime Keijo!!!!!!!! Premieres in October

keijo animeBased on the manga by Daichi Sorayomi, Keijo!!!!!!!! (Hip Whip Girl) is set in an alternate Japan that is host to the titular sport, which involves contestants standing on platforms in the water and attempting to knock each other off with their butts and boobs. Yep, that’s the actual sport, and high schooler Nozomi Kaminashi is aiming to get into the action when she graduates.

She does just that once high school is over, and Keijo!!!!!!!! follows her entrance into the world of the sport as she kicks things off at a training boarding school. Hideya Takahashi (Fantasista Stella) is directing the adaptation, with Takao Kato (To Love-Ru) on series composition at Xebec, and a new promo reveals plans for an October premiere.

You can see the promo in two flavors—one with Japanese narration and one with English—below. 

Via Anime News Network