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Check Out This New Trailer For the Third Season of Kingdom

kingdom season 3

The third season of the Kingdom anime will be hitting Japanese TV in April and receiving a simultaneous stream from Funimation. The anime had been delayed because of COVID, with part of the third season playing last year and the rest being postponed. But an intense new promotional video shows that the series is on track and coming back soon.

Funimation gave this description of the series:

“A nameless boy and a young king have grown up in a nation plagued by war. The boy, Xin, has countlessly proven himself on the battlefield, and although initially starting on bad terms, he and the young king, Zheng, have become comrades. Zheng wishes to bring all the warring states under Qin, while Xin climbs the ranks to become a Great General. Both of their ambitions will change history forever.”

Source: Anime News Network


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