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Brothers Conflict Dub Cast Revealed

Funimation is preparing for the upcoming home video release of the Brothers Conflict anime, with pre-orders now live for the March 8 release. A recent post on the company’s blog highlighted the English dub’s full cast, so see who’s lined up to play who below.

Cast & Crew

Ema Asahina

 Colleen Clinkenbeard

Masaomi Asahina

 J. Michael Tatum

Ukyo Asahina

 Christopher R. Sabat

Kaname Asahina

 Ian Sinclair

Hikaru Asahina

 Todd Haberkorn

Tsubaki Asahina

 Micah Solusod

Azusa Asahina

 Josh Grelle

Natsume Asahina

 Kyle Hebert

Louis Asahina

 Jerry Jewell

Subaru Asahina

 David Matranga

Iori Asahina

 Eric Vale

Yusuke Asahina

 Matthew Mercer

Futo Asahina

 Vic Mignogna

Wataru Asahina

 Bryce Papenbrook


 Sonny Strait

Rintaro Hinata

 David Wald

Miwa Asahina

 Jamie Marchi

Kazuma Sasakura

 Ricco Fajardo

Mahoko Imai

 Lindsay Seidel



ADR Director

 Colleen Clinkenbeard


Ema Hinata is lonely. As an only child and the daughter of a famous explorer, for most of her life her closest companion has been Juli, her talking pet squirrel. But her father is getting remarried, and her new family is…a little unorthodox. Now, she’s got 13 gorgeous guys as her stepbrothers, and they’re all after her heart! But is romance what she wants, or is it family?