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Boruto Writer Ukyou Kodachi Takes a Stand Against Manga Piracy


Ukyou Kodachi formerly wrote for the Boruto manga, and he’s also written scripts for Fate/Grand Order and is behind the series composition for SEVEN KNIGHTS REVOLUTION: Hero Successor. He regularly tweets to his 22,000 followers, but while most of his tweets are in Japanese, he shared one in English about manga piracy.

Manga creators work long, hard hours, beyond the typical 9-5. A handful of them will make good money off their work, but as with other art fields, most will not become bestsellers. Again and again manga creators point out they ought to be paid for their work the way anyone else is paid for their work. And while legitimate manga sales have been going up during COVID, so has piracy. One recent example showed that if piracy hadn’t taken place in Japan (not counting other countries) the manga industry would have brought in about 400 million additional dollars.

Source: Twitter


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