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BORUTO Summer Wear is Ready for Fun in the Sun


Once the summer heat really hits, there’s nothing like having a go-to comfort outfit to keep the heat at bay. COSPA is hoping to provide just such an outfit with a BORUTO twist in the form of a new take on the traditional jinbei housewear.

The results are a supremely comfortable-looking outfit suitable for hanging out at home or, if you’re feeling bold, going out and about (at a safe distance from others, of course). The dark blue set comes with the Konoha Hidden Village emblem on the front and the spirit emblem of Boruto’s jacket on the back, the former being much more subtle than the latter.

For a limited time only, the outfit can be yours for ¥8,580 (about $80), and is set to go on sale later this year at Gee! Store retailers and other shops throughout Japan.

Source: Comic Natalie