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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping for Anime Fans!

Black Friday is here and Cyber Monday is on the way - let's shop for anime!

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday is here, and Cyber Monday is on the way! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your anime-loving friends, there are lots of great deals out there. And we’ve found a few we think you may like!

Find Blu-rays, manga, figures, and more for deep discounts… in some cases, practically pocket change! And be sure to share the love so your friends can pick up these deals, too.


Sentai Filmworks has Blu-rays as low as $3

Lupin the Third part 6

Black Friday is a great time to build out your home video collection, and Sentai Filmworks has built out a page of their best deals. Some of these cuts are super deep—with the cheapest offerings being $2.99 for a whole series! Granted, the appeal of that deep discount depends entirely on if you like the show in question. But with a broad variety of titles in the metaphorical bargain bin, there will likely be at least one to your liking.

Most collections trend a bit higher, with Lupin the Third Part 6 available for $31.99 (a discount of nearly 60%) and premium boxes of Food Wars! and more slashed by half. Have a rummage, especially if you’re a fan of retro titles. There are some good deals in the mix!


Netflix is on deck with One Piece collectibles.

One Piece Transponder Snail

If you enjoyed Netflix’s One Pieceyou’re in luck: the streaming service’s Black Friday sales have something for you! A highly detailed transponder snail coin bank is just one of the many discounted items you can grab this weekend. Normally priced at $80, you can pre-order this bad boy for $56.

Take a deep dive into their weekend deals for more anime goodness. There are Funko POP figures (of your anime faves and others), a Cowboy Bebop soundtrack album, Castlevania pins, and much more. Plus, you can pick up goodies from your non-anime streaming faves while you’re at it.


Crunchyroll has tons of deals.

Deals from Crunchyroll

Not quite sure what to get? Do some virtual Black Friday window shopping on the Crunchyroll Store! The streaming site has deep discounts on Blu-rays, figures, manga, and more. Check out their daily deals, updated every 24 hours, to see if something strikes your fancy. Or beef up your anime library with deep discounted limited-edition sets.

There are also a few limited-edition bundles to check out. If you’re a My Dress-Up Darling fan, for example, grab this Blu-ray and pillow bundle. Be sure to keep an eye out all weekend for new deals!

Check out more cool One Piece goods!

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