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Bite-Sized Anime to Fill the Daylight Saving Time Gap

Eat that extra hour of Daylight Saving Time with these short anime

Daylight Saving Time is a mess, but at least we get an extra hour of sleep at the end of it, right? Well, most of us go for it. But in case you’re a night owl who now has an extra hour to kill, we’ve got  a quick solution for you!

We’ve selected a handful of short anime to cram into that hour. With bite-sized episodes, you could make decent headway on one of these titles in that extra hour, if not finish one entirely! Let’s get ready to stream at the speed of light!


Piacevole: My Italian Cooking

Piacevole: My Italian Cooking

Speaking of “bite-sized,” Piacevole will see you through to the end of Daylight Saving time… though you might be a lot hungrier afterward.

Piacevole: My Italian Cooking is a coming-of-age story for protagonist Mori Nanase. She takes up a job at the Italian restaurant Trattoria Festa, where she meets all sorts of people and learns a lot about cuisine. Each episode centers on a tasty Italian dish, rendered lovingly in animated format. So you might want to have a snack handy if you sit down to this one.


Sekko Boys

The stone-cold idols of Sekko Boys

If you’re done with Daylight Saving Time and ready to rock all the way into autumn, you’ll have a little in common with these four literal idols! The stars of Sekko Boys are marble busts of Saint Giorgio, Medici, Hermes, and Mars. Good news in the looks department, less so in the “having a body and being able to move around” department.

Fortunately, these Classical heartthrobs get an assist from their manager, recent college grad Miki. Together, perhaps they can turn this literal “rock” group into an all-star boy band!


Love Is Like a Cocktail

Love Is Like a Cocktail

Send off Daylight Saving Time with a toast with this little tipple (responsibly, of course). Love Is Like a Cocktail is a sweet short subject about Chisato, a no-nonsense office lady married to bartender Sora. What Chisato’s coworkers don’t know is, she loves a good drink. And those good drinks tend to make her much more affectionate.

Each episode contains a recipe for a tasty alcoholic drink. The slice-of-life story surrounding each drink lets you know when is the best time to serve it up. Plus, every three-minute outing contains enough cuteness for a full half-hour episode.

Will you be closing out Daylight Saving Time with an anime mini-marathon? Which are your favorite short titles?

Kara Dennison

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