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Beware the One Sheet for Seiji Chiba’s Alien Vs. Ninja

I can’t tell who should be more afraid here, the alien or the ninja. On one hand the alien design for Seiji Chiba’s Alien vs. Ninja looks like a rubbery wall of teeth, so ninja beware. On the other, well, ninja can hold their own against pretty much anything, right?

Co-written by Yuji Shimomura (Death Trance, cinematics for Bayonetta) and directed by Seiji Chiba (Sengoku: Iga no ran, Red Letters), Alien vs. Ninja is one of those movies that seems a must-watch by virtue of name alone.

Even though we don’t have a trailer on hand yet, go ahead and take a gander at that wary ninja staring down the maw of what looks like a leather-bound T-Rex.

Source [Twitch]