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Super SFIV’s Final Brawler, Hakan, is Oiled and Ready

We’ve watched over the past few months as character after character was revealed for the expanded roster of Capcom’s upcoming Super Street Fighter IV. From Alpha to Street Fighter III, a variety of SF series have been mined for willing combatants, but there hasn’t been much to speak of as far as new blood goes aside from Juri.

That’s changed with the addition of the final fighter, Hakan. An oil wrestler hailing from Turkey, Hakan looks like a great blend of the ridiculous and the super tough breed of brawler. Just get a load of him oiling up in preparation for a match!

Alright, now he’s ready to go.

For more on Hakan, including video and character art, check out the Capcom Unity blog entry below. Let us know what you think of the final addition to the extensive lineup!

Source [Capcom Unity]