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Auction Stops After Receiving $13.44 Million Bid on Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

Zhang Yujie was a government fund manager in China before being found guilty of embezzlement and receiving to life in prison as punishment. According to reports, the embezzlement consisted of 70 million yuan (about $10.8 million).

This has led to having his items go up for auction, including a rare 2019 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 20th Anniversary Gold Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! card. Just 500 were created, and they’re literally (partly) made of gold.

The card is estimated to be worth between $30,900 and $46,300, but soon the bids jumped way past that. Eventually someone offered 87 million yuan (about $13.44 million), which would have covered all the embezzled money and then some.

However, the court doing the auction thought that these bids were going so high it was getting suspicious, so they stopped the auction. Apparently the Yu-Gi-Oh! card remains unsold.

Source: SoraNews24


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