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Attack on Titan, X Japan Concert Affected by Typhoon Trami

Attack on Titan, X Japan Concert Affected by Typhoon TramiTyphoon Trami, which slammed into Japan September 30 caused, among some serious loss of life and property, a few inconveniences in the world of pop culture too.

For one, the latest episode of Attack on Titan, which airs on newscaster NHK, was delayed by one week due to coverage of the typhoon. The episode will instead air October 7.

The latest episode of We Rent Tsukumogi was also delayed.

In addition, the typhoon caused railways throughout the Tokyo region to cease operations at about 8PM. That meant the cancelation of a sold-out show for rock band X Japan at venue Makuhari Messe. But X Japan didn’t go down without a fight: the band played their show to the empty venue, steaming it live for free on their official Nico Nico channel. Props.

Delays and cancelations like this are always a bummer, but let’s keep things in perspective and lend a thought to the lives affected by the typhoon.

Source: ANN

Matt Schley

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