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Attack on Titan Real Escape Game Ready To Hit New York, California

Those of you bummed out Attack on Titan is being cut from Toonami’s schedule might find some consolation in the fact you’ll soon be able to experience Titan for real – well, if you live in or around major cities, at least.

San Francisco will be the first American location for the Attack on Titan Real Escape Game, in which participants must solve a reportedly extremely difficult puzzle within a certain time limit – or be devoured by Titans. Or so we’ve heard.

We’ve reported on this Escape Game coming to the States before, but now there’s a trailer out for the US tour, which we’ve embedded below. The date for the New York premiere of the game has also been announced – April 11. Mark your calendars.

The Attack on Titan Real Escape Game, which has made its way around Japan and to Singapore, will open in a few locations around the States, including the aforementioned New York, San Francisco (Feb 1) and Los Angeles (March 21). Tickets run $30 for an advance ticket or $35 at the door.

Source: ANN

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