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Atsushi Kamijou’s Sex Manga Getting 30th Anniversary Re-Release

Atsushi Kamijou’s 80’s manga Sex (not to be confused with Joe Casey and company’s 2013 comic Sex) was, along with TO-Y, one of those defining manga series that never quite had the chance to impact readers overseas, but nonetheless made tremendous waves in Japan, with ripples still being felt to this day.

Like, with, say, Sayo Yamamoto, director of Michiko & Hatchin and current ice-skating phenomenon Yuri!!! on Ice. She’s being brought on to direct a promotional video for the second volume of Sex’s 30th Anniversary Edition, slated for release on May 26.

Getting a copy of the promotional video Blu-ray will require some dedication, however. It’s being offered as a bonus for readers who purchase all four volumes of the re-release. You’ll have to submit application cards included in the first three volumes, along with a special postcard included in the fourth if you want a copy.

Kamijou’s work is almost unknown outside of Japan, but the OAV adaptation of Kamijou’s seminal manga series TO-Y is still a remarkable piece of bubble-era animation (or a 55-minute long music video, depending on who you ask). With any luck, this new video may just expose more overseas viewers to his work.

Comic Natalie