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Arknights Updates Main Storyline with Roaring Flare Episode

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The saga of strategic mobile RPG Arknights continues with the latest update to its main storyline. Episode 8, “Roaring Flare,” is a long-awaited addition that details Talulah’s complex past intertwined between Reality and Memory, and Arknights has four highly anticipated characters, new skins, furniture, and rewards to go along with the episode’s debut.

In Arknights, players take on the role of the leader of Rhodes Island, a responsibility that tasks them with fighting against the Reunion and protecting the innocent. Stories both sad and joyful from all over the world of Terra will play out along the way, and even when the going gets tough, you won’t have to face the game’s many challenges alone.

Thanks to the ability to recruit Operators—over a hundred of which are available—players can form powerful squads and discover new ways to deal melee, ranged, and arts damage to their enemies. Figuring out how to use these Operators effectively is half the battle, and through all of the tough stages there are plenty of rewards that make it all worthwhile. When you’re not engaging in strategic battles you’ll able to earn new outfits and furniture sets to customize your collection, so there’s something for everyone in the world of Arknights

Check out the official trailer for the latest event:

Following the events of episode 7, this episode will have players exploring the reasons behind Talulah’s transformation into a Tyrant while further understanding her unique charm. Amiya’s new form will be unlocked during the final level, so you’re definitely going to want to see this next series of battles and events through to the end.

Gameplay in Arknights is highly strategic, tasking players with using a number of Operators to hold enemies from breaking through their defenses, similar to a Tower Defense-style game. It takes a combination of different Operator traits and abilities to clear all the stages, so you’ll have to figure out what works best for any given situation. Melee Operators, for instance, can be placed on ground tiles, while ranged Operators have access to elevated placement so they can deal damage from above while melee characters hinder enemy progress. On higher difficulties, players will find a more limited number of viable solutions to each defense scenario, leading to the need for some really thoughtful tactics in Operator placement.

Among the additions in Episode 8 are four new Operators: Rosmontis (6-Star Operator), Mudrock (6-Star Operator), Whisperain (5-Star Operator), and Jackie (4-Star Operator). All the new characters possess distinctive personalities and skills worth mastering, and on top of those players can look forward to new Store additions like outfits, a new Golden Game Room furniture set, and more. Check out two of the Operators, Rosmontis and Mudrock, below.

There’s also an awesome animated promo:

A time-limited Fan Appreciation Sign-In Event kicks off today, April 30, and runs until May 14. In addition to obtaining a [Memorial-Limited Headhunting Permit], players can sign in for ten days to earn multiple rewards such as Originite Prime, LMD, Ethan’s Outfit, and other must-have items. Emergency sanity samples and material supplies will also be obtainable from the stages, so dive into the world of Arknights today to experience “Roaring Flare” and all the bonuses that come along with it.

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