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April Anime Spotlight: One Week Friends

Remember that Adam Sandler movie from a few years back (ten, actually!), 50 First Dates? The idea was that Sandler’s love interest, played by Drew Barrymore, had a type of amnesia that prevented her from gaining new memories, so Sandler set up an elaborate system to get her up to speed on her past every day.

This is our rather roundabout way of introducing one of April’s upcoming series, One Week Friends, which was teased this week in a few internet previews.

The show, based on a manga from 2012, is about a high schooler named Kaori whose memories of people she’s met disappear once a week, making it impossible for her to make friends. However, one of her classmates, Yuki, endeavors to become her friend anyway.

One Week Friends
will be directed by Tarou Iwasaki (Ryoko’s Case File) over at studio Brains Base (Blood Lad).

Okay, so it’s the same basic idea as 50 First Dates, but the tone seems anything but comedic. Check out the short previews and decide if you’re equipped for the inevitable heartbreak and melancholy this show’s preparing to dish out.

Source: ANN

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