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Anime Store Offers Reward to Find People Who Vandalized Their Building

Mandarake is a popular chain store in Japan where you can buy all sorts of otaku goodies. A few weeks ago, on October 22, several people walked up to the Mandarake Grand Chaos store located in Osaka at about 4 in the morning. The store was closed at that hour, and the people sneaked up and vandalized the building with graffiti.

While there were no workers present, there was a security camera. The vandals were caught on tape, but they were wearing masks and well-covered, so it’s not clear who they are. The police are investigating, and Makoto Yoshihira, the store’s manager, has his own trick up his sleeve.

“We’re not going to take this lying down and just cry ourselves to sleep,” declared Yoshihira. “I want them brought forward to apologize and pay for the damages,”

Yoshihira is offering a 300,000 yen reward to figure out who vandalized his store. That’s a little more than $2,000. Here’s the security video for you to check out for yourselves:

A number of people on the internet shared his frustration and cheered him on. Here’s a sampling of responses:

“There’s a line between what is and isn’t acceptable mischief, but graffiti is a straight-up crime.”
“If they’re caught, they should have to pay the cost for cleaning up the graffiti and the reward money themselves.”
“They’re no better than dogs or cats pissing on a wall to try to mark their territory.”
“Can’t let this slide. Gotta find them and make them pay.”

Then there was also this random comment:

“I’m really curious about that cute creature crawling along the top of the sign at 2:58 in the video.”

Did you catch the little animal in the video while watching? Well, at any rate, hopefully this will bring the vandals to justice!

Source: SoraNews24


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