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Anime Singer Ichiro Mizuki Talks About His Lung Cancer Surgery

Ichiro Mizuki has been a professional singer since 1968, and since then he has recorded more than 1200 different songs. And while he doesn’t just sing theme songs for anime or tokusatsu, that’s what he’s especially well-known for doing. Some of the anime he’s done theme songs for include various incarnations of Captain Harlock, Mazinger ZVoltron and more. He’s also done various incarnations of Kamen Rider themes and has been called the “big brother” or “the emperor” of anisongs, AKA anime songs.

Today he revealed on Twitter what’s been going on with his health. Last year he was dealing with vocal cord paresis. After that it was discovered he had lung cancer and it had metastasized to the lymph nodes and brain. He tried radiation and drug therapy, but this year the lung cancer came back.

A statement was tweeted out that explained:

“(Mizuki…) underwent surgery (for lung cancer) in June but is now doing well.

He had an intracordal injection for his voice and is currently undergoing rehabilitation with a speech therapist. Moreover, he’s undergoing motor function rehabilitation with a physical therapist, and is working hard every day to continue his singing activities.”

He’s getting back to his life, and is in fact planning something for the 50th anniversary of his professional debut. He also says he wants to be “active for life.”

Mizuki received numerous words of encouragement online, and not just from Japan. Grape Japan translated some of his well wishes:

“I’m very happy to hear that you’re going to remain active as a singer.”
“Your songs have given me so much courage throughout my life. I am looking forward to your next concert!”
“We’re looking forward to seeing Aniki [big brother] back in full power mode! We wish you a speedy recovery!”
“I’ll be rooting for you!”

Source: grape Japan


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