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Anime Contact Lenses Give Your Eyes That Special Sparkle

There’s a new type of contact lens for sale over here in Japan: “Anime Contact.”

Just like it says on the box, these contacts are designed to make the wearer look as if they belong in anime. The secret is in the patterns printed on the contacts, which resemble those drawn on anime eyes.

Anime Contact, or AniCon for short, come in three varieties.

Here’s Ururu Eye, which means “teary-eyed.”

Next is Kirakira (sparkly) Eye.

And finally, Kiratto (bright) Eye.

Each package, which retail for ¥3,300 (about $30) contains one pair, which can be used for up to a month.

Not exactly cheap, but if you’ve just got to look like you’ve popped straight out of your favorite anime, maybe these are just the thing.

Source: Kotaku


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