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Animator Apologizes After Posting Adult Naruto Animation

Animator Apologizes After Posting Adult Naruto AnimationChengxi Huang is living the dream: the skilled animator, who hails from China, is living and working in Tokyo, where he works on the Naruto franchise, of which he’s a self-proclaimed giant fan.

That’s why we’re sure the animator had nothing but good intentions when he posted a short clip to Twitter of lead characters Naruto and Hinata embracing to kick off the new year. Naruto fans were not having it, though, leading to enough complaints for Huang to remove the clip and post an apology.

The clip (which we’d give a PG-13 rating) shows Naruto and Hinata waking up after sleeping in late, according to the animator. The clip, to the chagrin of some fans, features Naruto touching Hinata’s breast, leading to comments calling the animation “gross” and “filthy.”

Huang’s apology stated that the animation was simply practice, and that he wanted to portray the everyday life of a married couple, but that he was deleting the video because it was causing trouble for his company and related parties.

Naruto fans: did you find the video offensive?

Matt Schley

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