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AKB48 Spinoff Group Offer “Air Handshakes”

You may recall the various incidents that have plagued the Japanese idol scene in recent years, like when two members of supergroup AKB48 were attacked by a saw-wielding fan at a handshake event in 2014, or when indie idol Mayu Tomita was stabbed in May.

AKB48 spinoff group Nogizaka46 seems to have come up with the ultimate solution: air handshakes.

If you’re like me, when you first read the headline you might’ve imagined a regular handshake event but with idols and their fans holding their hands an inch apart where shaking them up and down. That is not the case, however: these air handshakes come via video.

Users of messaging app LINE simply add internet video site Gyao! as a “friend” and are presented with free air handshakes from Nogizaka46 members Misa Eto, Asuka Saito, Erika Ikuta, and Reika Sakurai. The promotion lasts until August 31.

Hey, Japanese folks need something to do on their smartphones until Pokemon Go comes out.

Source: Yahoo

Matt Schley

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