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A Classic Returns with Vampire Hunter D on Blu-ray and DVD

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Some of the older anime fans out there might share the fond memory of having 1985’s Vampire Hunter D as one of their very first anime experiences. Sentai Filmworks has a treat for both old fans and newcomers, because the classic first adaptation of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s novels is back, and

is officially available today.

In the year 12,090 A.D., technology runs rampant and vampires rule the Nobility. Thus, humans live scattered about and in fear of the creatures, one of which is the villainous Count Magnus Lee. When the Count tastes the blood of a girl named Doris Lang he decides to force her to be his next wife, but Doris is determined to escape this horrible fate. To do so she enlists the help of the enigmatic D, a vampire hunter with a talking hand and mixed vampire-human blood that makes him perfect for the job. 

Vampire Hunter D features direction by Toyoo Ashida, also known for helming the Fist of the North Star TV series and movie, as well as a bunch of episodes of Dr. Slump and a Dr. Slump anime film. Yasushi Hirano (Captain Tsubasa, Dragon Ball) wrote the screenplay, and novel illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, of Final Fantasy fame, handled character designs. 

In addition to the original Japanese track, Sentai Filmworks put a new dub together for Vampire Hunter D‘s return to home video. John Gremllion leads the cast as D, with Luci Christian as Doris Lang and David Wald as Count Magnus Lee. Whether you’ve seen it a dozen times or not at all,

is a must for any anime fan’s collection.

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