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A Centaur’s Life Anime Reveals Main Cast

The main cast has been revealed for the upcoming A Centaur’s Life anime, which adapts the manga by Kei Murayama. A cast introduction event is planned for May 6 at Machi Asobi Vol. 18, and ahead of that we’ve got info on some of the principal actors, as well as who will be performing the theme songs.

First up, Purely Monster—a vocal unit comprised of voice actors—will be performing the “Teach Me, Darwin” theme song, and Occultic;Nine‘s Asaka will handle ending theme “Edelweiss.”

Here’s a look at the main cast and their corresponding anime designs:


Himeno Kimihara:  Seria Fukagawa (Tōko Fukami in Glasslip)

Nozomi Gokuraku: Yūki Kuwahara (Tōru in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Kyouko Naraku: Haruka Shiraishi

Manami Mitama: Yuna Kamakura

Quetzalcoatl Sassassul: Yū Ayase

Via Crunchyroll