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6 Webtoons That Serve Up a Taste of Korean Culture

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selection of Webtoons runs the gamut of storytelling, from fantasy and action to romance, drama, and beyond. These are more than just online comics, though. Many of these Webtoons tell a tale beyond the narrative; one that paints a unique picture and serves up a taste of various aspects of Korean culture. 

That brings us to a quick look at six Webtoons that do precisely that. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a delightful stew of comics and culture, you’ll want to put all six of these on your reading list.

Hee-Jung Park’s series has been attracting a lot of fans since its debut, and that’s not just due to its many emotional twists and turns. Cat and Dog prominently features hanbok, traditional Korean clothing that is integral to the tale of a young country girl arranged to be married to a brooding actor. 

Kyung-Ran Park’s Imitation is a newer addition, but it’s been building up plenty of steam. Enter the world of Korean pop stars as a secretive romance begins to blossom between Maha, a member of girl group Tea Party, and Ryoc, a member of the boy band SHAX.  

If Imitation isn’t enough to scratch your K-pop itch, there’s also Won-Sik Lee and Min-Hong’s Monster Idols. This series puts the spotlight on Choi Hong, who suddenly finds herself employed as the stylist of popular boy band Real Monsters. The catch? Well, they’re real monsters

As the title suggests, See-In Park’s Shall We Have Dinner Tonight? is a romance with a strong presentation of Korean food. That’s not all readers will get out of it, however, as it also serves as a deeper insight to what food culture as a whole is like in Korea. 

Young-Min Baek’s Webtoon follows a delinquent, Kang Bae Choi, who enters his sister’s all-girls school in disguise to protect her from bullies. It’s an uproarious comedy on the surface, but you’ll also learn quite a bit about Korean school life along the way.

Myojin was a terrifying celestial god who lost his place in heaven, and now he’ll do whatever it takes to reclaim his place among the stars. Enter the world of Korean fantasy and folklore with this intense tale from Jelly Bean.

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