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56-Year-Old Pokémon Go Player Assaults Friend Over Game, Gets Arrested

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Look, do you think Pokémon Go is a GAME? For some folks it’s serious business, and it seems that applies to Kanehisa Satoh, a 56-year-old who was arrested in Hokkaido, Japan for assaulting his 55-year-old friend over the game.

It all went down because Satoh got pissed that his friend “had gone ahead and [taken] my encampment” at a Pokémon Gym. The players were in a stopped car, and when Satoh’s rage hit its peak he reportedly grabbed his friend’s chest and kicked the driver’s side mirror.

Satoh’s (presumably now former) friend then called the police, who arrested Satoh for assault and property damage due to the destroyed mirror.

Satoh and his friend initially met while playing Go a few years ago. Just as their friendship began, so too does it end.

Source: Sankei via Kotaku