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Check Out This $10,000 Final Fantasy VI Figure

Check Out This $10,000 Final Fantasy VI FigureHow much do you like the SNES RPG classic Final Fantasy VI? Enough to slam down $10,000 for a 1:6 scale model of Terra and her Magitek armor?

Well, it seems at least a few folks in Japan fit that definition. The figure, produced by Prime Studio, has begun to arrive in fans’ homes, and the tweets are rolling in.

Says this tweeter:

It’s finished! It was a bit tough to put together the heavy parts myself. My wife and I set it up, and it took about 1.5 hours. But I’m totally satisfied. It’s like our room became a part of the FFVI world. The precision of the magical armor and the beauty of Tina are impeccable! I definitely got serial number 1!

Congrats, serial number 1 owner. There are 600 of these suckers in all, each costing 1,485,000 yen, just under $10,000 at today’s exchange rate. They’re 30 inches high and weigh 75 pounds.

Pretty intense stuff.

Final Fantasy VI came out on Super Famicom in Japan in April 2, 1994 and later that year in the US, originally sold as Final Fantasy III (it’s a long story). A “Pixel Remaster” came out on various platforms in 2022 and this year.

Source: Otakomu

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