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1 Year After the Arson, Kyoto Animation Reminds People Not to Visit the Former Studio

kyoto animation studio 1

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been exactly one year since the tragic arson attack on Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1, and the studio held a memorial video on its YouTube channel to commemorate it. In addition to this solemn reminder, Kyoto Animation also reiterated its earlier request for people to avoid visiting the site of the now-demolished studio.

The memorial stream already occurred, but the company’s reminder remains important and worth noting. The official Kyoto Animation website states the following: “Any entry into the premises of Kyoto Animation 1st Studio is prohibited without permission.” They also want fans to refrain from taking photos or video, stopping their cars and loitering, and leaving flowers.

Basically, Kyoto Animation still wants to keep this small and peaceful residential community from being disturbed due to fan visits and frequent onlookers. A year later, and our thoughts and hearts go out to KyoAni and the many who were lost as a result of the arsonist’s cruel actions.

Source: Official Twitter via Crunchyroll