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Yokohama Retailer Will Only Sell You Pokémon Cards If You Ace a Quiz

pokémon cards

Somehow, in 2021, Pokémon cards are still causing trouble with collectors and retailers alike. The craze is also going on in Japan, so some stores have employed interesting strategies to stop scalpers from scooping up all the highly coveted Pokémon cards just so they can resell them at a premium.

One of those strategies was discovered by Twitter user @siro_gaming1, who was going through Yokohama on a Pokémon card hunt. In the process, they discovered a major retailer doing their best to limit boxes of Eevee Heroes to those who truly love the series. Thus, in order for @siro_gaming1 to get their hands on some cards, they had to answer a quick quiz.

According to the Twitter user, the question ended up being pretty basic: “In Pokémon, who is the main character’s partner?” If you jumped up and answered yourself right away, congratulations, you’d have no problem scoring some cards of your own! As you can see in the tweet below, the fan who first reported on the quiz also had no problem getting it right.

Ideally, though, no-good scalpers wouldn’t be as adept at answering even the simplest of questions in order to get their hands on Pokémon cards. Here’s hoping it works!

Via Crunchyroll