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Woman Threatens WIT Studio with Arson Attack, Gets Arrested

wit studio

WIT Studio—the folks behind the first three seasons of the Attack on Titan anime, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Great Pretender, and more—is the latest anime studio to face a serious threat. According to the Musashino branch of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, a 25-year-old woman was arrested on May 26 with the charge of threatening WIT Studio with an arson attack.

The suspect allegedly emailed the studio on May 7, saying she will “set fire to your headquarters in one week.” Threats such as this from the same suspect have reportedly been happening since 2018, and the suspect confirmed that she sent this particular email.

As of right now, the suspect is being charged with obstruction of business, since WIT Studio had to take care of the situation and strengthen security after the threat was made. The police are currently investigating the possibility of a form of mental illness.

Via Crunchyroll