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Weeaboo Brings the Ups and Downs of Anime Fandom to Brilliant Life

weeabooFeatured Spotlight: Oni Press

Anime fandom is a diverse world, and even when close friends share interests they may find themselves at a crossroads in more ways than one. That’s the case with the leads of Weeaboo, a new graphic novel from Alissa Sallah that celebrates and dissects fandom, small towns, and Internet culture in a manner as stylish as the stories that serve as its inspiration.

The trio of friends at the core of Weeaboo are currently seniors in high school, and the main event to look forward to after graduation is a major upcoming anime convention. Cosplay takes time and determination, so they need to prepare, but there’s more they’ll have to contend with beyond dressing up as their favorite anime characters.

What lies beyond graduation and life in their small town? What does it mean to be a fan of something, and when does interest in a culture cross over into obsession, or even appropriation? When you’re struggling to find your own identity, it’s easy to get lost in a fictional one, but at some point you’re going to have to ask and answer some tough questions.

Weaboo gets to the center of these questions and more while weaving a charmingly honest story that’s expressed with Sallah’s beautiful artwork. In addition to putting her own unique style on display, Weeaboo does an excellent job of mixing media and shining a light on the manga and anime art that has brought countless others into this hobby. You can experience the emotional ups and downs of the full story for yourself right now, so order your copy of Weeaboo today to see how it all comes together.

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