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Voice Actress Minori Suzuki Attempts to Down Over 100 McNuggets

minori suzuki

What happens when a popular member of the Japanese voice acting community becomes a YouTuber? They start taking part in ridiculous challenges, of course! That’s exactly what voice actress and singer Minori Suzuki (Macross Delta‘s Freyja Wion, Chio’s School Road‘s Momo Shinozuka) did for her new Minoringo YouTube show, the first episode of which features a bold McNugget challenge.

According to Suzuki’s theory, the proper combination of a positive attitude and the right sauces will make it possible to continue eating McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets forever. She tested her “It’s Possible to Eat Infinite Chicken McNuggets Theory” by taking on seven 15-piece packs of the McD’s staple.

Suzuki’s plan was to conquer it with the power of barbecue, mustard, and cheese fondue dipping sauces. So, do you think she can do it? You don’t need to know any Japanese to find out how this experiment ends in the video below.

Source: Ota-suke via Crunchyroll