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Switch is Now Nintendo’s Third Best-Selling Console of All Time


It’s safe to say that the Nintendo Switch is a successful system. The latest numbers have been revealed for the hybrid console, which has managed to sell a massive 52.48 million units around the world since it launched on March 3, 2017.

This number officially makes Switch the third best-selling Nintendo console of all time, falling in right behind the Wii and the original NES. The former sold 101.63 million units, while the latter sold 61.91 million. Yep, that means Switch has already managed to beat Super NES lifetime sales, which added up to 49.10 million units.

Switch sales include that of the original model and the Switch Lite. Since Switch is both a home console and a portable, it makes sense to compare it to other Nintendo portables. Nintendo DS sits at the top of the pack with 154.02 million units, followed by Game Boy with 118.69 million, and then 3DS with 75.71 million.

Via Gamasutra