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Voice Actress Ai Takabe Arrested for Cocaine Use (Again)

Voice actress and pinup idol Ai Takabe has been re-arrested for using cocaine, says Tokyo Reporter.

Takabe was initially arrested for possession of the drug October 15, when it was discovered during a search of her residence.

Her re-arrest follows positive test for cocaine in her urine following her first arrest.

Takabe had roles in anime series like Blue Flowers, Wandering Son, Sacred Seven, and Kill Me Baby. Several of those titles were pulled from shelves and online retailers like amazon.co.jp after Takabe’s arrest. Her agency, Oscar Promotion, also canceled her contract.

The Japanese entertainment agency has a virtual no-tolerance policy for stars caught with illegal drugs. Last year the arrest of Shigeki Miyazaki, also known as Aska, for the use of MDMA, led Studio Ghibli to pull the music video for Chage and Aska’s “On Your Mark” from their Blu-ray collection, though the company later decided to ship the disc to those who had bought the set.

At Takabe fans, we hate to say it, but don’t hold your breath for a comeback.

Suspension of Kill Me Baby from Japanese streaming services has caused a boom in blu-ray sales of the series.

Source: Tokyo Reporter


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