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Viz Media Offers Popular Anime Via Netflix Instant

Netflix’s Instant Queue is amazing, though sometimes the stuff readily available can be a bit… dubious. Their anime section started out that way, and has gradually improved since. Now Viz Media is looking to up its variety even more with a solid collection of popular series, quite a few of which are complete.

The ones that aren’t have episode counts steering well into the hundreds, so it’s kind of understandable. Still, ideally those series will also be filled out in the future. It would be a real shame to get someone hooked on a beast like Naruto only to force them to purchase episodes later… right? Uh huh.

Here’s the full list as of today, via Viz’s press release:

BLEACH: Episodes 1-109 (Seasons 1-2; Rated TV-14)
NARUTO: Episodes 1-104 (Seasons 1-2; Rated TV-14)
HIKARU NO GO: Episodes 1-75 (Complete Series; Rated TV-G)
HONEY AND CLOVER: Episodes 1-36 (Complete Series; Rated TV-14)
NANA: Episodes 1-47 (Complete Series; Rated TV-MA)
INUYASHA: Episodes 1 – 167 (Seasons 1 – 7; Rated TV-14)