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Virtual Boy 8-18-11: Nintendo’s Next 3D… Classic?

Nintendo’s downloadable 3D Classics for 3DS take original Nintendo games and pop them out into 3D like a sprite-loaded diorama. Sounds great, right? It could be, unless the game in question happens to be a “classic” no one in their right mind would ask for like Urban Champion.

Beyond Urban Champion (eShop) and a selection of 3D videos, the featured titles we have include Flight Control, a WiiWare game that puts you in the role of an air traffic controller, and Zoonies: Escape from Makatu (eShop/DSiWare), a cutesy platformer/puzzler.

The rest of Nintendo’s picks are Build-a-lot (eShop/DSiWare), Blockado – Puzzle Island (eShop/DSiWare), and a pair of videos, UYUYU!! and Duel. This all adds up to a fairly lackluster week, with no Virtual Console titles in sight. Better luck next time? Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat next week.