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Virtual Boy 5-3-12: Hangin’ Out and Hangin’ On

This week’s Nintendo update is fairly sparse, but there is one fresh Virtual Console addition to make up for an otherwise barren set of offerings. Arcade sequel Super Hang-On joins the VC lineup courtesy of Sega, and the only thing it’s missing is a stationary bike cabinet.

Here’s Nintendo’s spirited description of Super Hang-On, which will run you 900 Wii Points:

Gear up for ultimate speed in Super Hang-On.

Based on the hit arcade racer originally released in 1987, this sequel to SEGA’s Hang-On will put your street bike skills to the test. Tour through 48 challenging tracks on four continents and discover the rush of true arcade game play as you blaze through checkpoints in a race to beat the clock and your competitors. Experience the thrill of street bike racing and earn your place at the top of the scoreboards in this must-have classic.

The other two titles released this week are Bird Mania 3D ($1.99), a 3DS action game that has you steering a birdie toward Africa, and Amoebattle ($4.99/500 points), a puzzle/strategy game that’s playable on both 3DS and DSi.