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Virtual Boy 10-18-10: Let’s Get Mystic

Oh, weekly update of all things having to do with Nintendo’s Virtual Console releases, how I’ve missed you. I’d love for this little feature to be more regular, but frankly there’s just not as much to report on as there used to be. Nintendo has so much else going on that they pay but the occasional visit with something truly awesome on Virtual Console.

This happens to be just such a week. It’s Square Enix’s turn to dig into their back catalog, and they’re doing so with the Super NES Final Fantasy spin-off, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Mystic Quest was billed as a simplified, entry-level RPG experience, and it pretty much works as such. Though a lot of its charms are tied to whatever nostalgia you may or may not have for the era, the soundtrack by Ryuji Sasai definitely holds up. It might be time to dig into this to see just how well the entire game does.

The rest of this week’s selection are all for WiiWare and DSiWare. Available for the former: ThruSpace and Happy Holidays Halloween. For DSi we’ve got Snapdots, Armada, Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe, and Music on: Playing Piano.