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VFX Studio That Worked on Sonic and Detective Pikachu Shuttered

Despite an amazing year full of quality work, some terrible news arrived for the animators at one of the branches of CG animation studio Moving Picture Company (MPC). The Vancouver-based studio is hot off heavy-hitters like The Lion King remake, as well as work on Detective Pikachu and the spruced-up Sonic the Hedgehog CG, but that didn’t stop them from being closed down this week.

Employees of the studio received an email saying MPC’s doors would be closed, effective immediately, leaving a number of animators out of a job right before the holidays.

According to the email, “increasing external market pressures” were a cause of the closure along with “attractive opportunities in other regions.” The note to employees added that the decision has “not been taken lightly.”

MPC previously won an Oscar for its work on Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. The wider company also has locations in Los Angeles, Montreal, London, and Bangalore, India, but there’s currently no word on whether or not those locations are affected. The Vancouver branch of MPC has yet to respond to interview requests from news outlets, and has provided no further information.

Source: CBC News via Art of VFX