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Two New YOASOBI Performances Announced for California in April

If you’ve been jamming to the Oshi no Ko opening theme song “Idol” by YOASOBI, it might interest you to know that YOASOBI has just announced two more performances in America!

The band is set to be at Coachella (along with Hatsune Miku) on April 12 and 19, but that’s not what I’m talking about. YOASOBI is now working with Crunchyroll to perform in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can catch them in LA on April 18 at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall, and then on April 21 they’ll be at The Warfield in San Francisco.

The presale is going on now (click here for LA, and here for San Francisco) and you can use the word “CRUNCHYROLL” for a special code.

Besides “Idol,” YOASOBI is also behind theme songs for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. They opened for Coldplay in Tokyo, and they got involved with the one-year festivities of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games with their song “Biri-Biri.”

Goldenvoice gave this description for the band:

Made up of composer Ayase and vocal ikura, they are the “Unit that turns novels into music.” Their first song “Into The Night (Yoru ni Kakeru)” released in November 2019, immediately attracted attention achieving #1 on numerous streaming charts in Japan and appearing on viral charts in several countries. It was #1 on the 2020 Billboard JAPAN Combined Song Chart and Streaming Song Chart and in January 2023 total plays to surpassed 900 million streams – a first in Japan.

Their highly anticipated first CD – THE BOOK was released on January 6, 2021. The elaborate packaging captivated the fans and charted #2 on the Oricon Daily Ranking along with the brilliant achievement of all songs on the CD charting within the top 15 on the Apple Music streaming chart.

If you’re really feeling in the mood for “Idol,” you can also check out this cover done by Ai’s voice actress Rie Takahashi.

Source: Crunchyroll


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