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Triad Toys Planning Lone Wolf & Cub Figures

I have to be delicate with the way I use the word “toys” in this news bit, because I assure you these will be more “fine collectibles” and less “blister-packaged TMNT characters.” Triad Toys, a collector-centric company that has also acquired the rights to produce figures based on Soul Calibur and Samurai Champloo, has obtained a three-year license to create 12-inch action figures and statues based on Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima’s classic Lone Wolf & Cub.
Their license also extends to “a range of collectibles” based on the property, which is exciting enough in its own right. I recall some 12-inch Ogami Itto and Daigoro (no, he wasn’t 12-inches himself) toys being released a few years back-I think Dark Horse had the distribution rights-and they were way out of most people’s price range. I know these are for collectors, but hopefully Triad will have something for everyone in their line.

Source [ICv2]