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Trailer Roundup: Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell: ARISE

We’ve got a couple choice pieces of video for you this morning (or whenever you happen to be reading this!), all queued up and ready to go.

First off, it’s the first trailer for the first of two Attack on Titan compilation films. Attack on Titan Part 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow, which opens in Japan November 22nd, squeezes the first half of the first season of Attack on Titan into one film.

But that’s not all: Crimson Bow and Arrow will contain a previously unseen Training Corps scene involving Eren and Jean. That alone, we suspect, will have Titan fans flocking to theaters, but the film will also feature new dubbing by the original cast.

The second film, Wings of Freedom, which covers episodes 14 to 26, opens next year.

Meanwhile, the first nine minutes of the fourth and final episode of Ghost in the Shell: ARISE have been posted on the official ARISE website. The episode, entitled “Ghost Stands Alone,” deals with a terrorist called Fire Starter.

“Ghost Stands Alone” opens in Japanese theaters September 6th. Stateside, Funimation’s release of episodes one and two is set for October 21st.

Source: ANN

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