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Toonami Plans Akame ga Kill! Marathon for Halloween

Toonami announced on its official Tumblr that this Halloween weekend the action animation block will have a marathon of Akame ga Kill.

Akame ga Kill will take the block over in its entirety, with episodes 3-11 scheduled to air. This includes the bonus hour that the block gets from daylight savings time. 

The English dub of Akame ga Kill has been airing on Toonami since August 8 of this year. The show follows the story of a group of assassins called Night Raid who are out to assassinate the corrupt prime minister of their nation. 

Below is the full Toonami schedule for October 31/ November 1 (via the Toonami Official Tumblr):

12:00am – Akame Ga Kill! #3
12:30am – Akame Ga Kill! #4
1:00am -Akame Ga Kill! #5
1:30am – Akame Ga Kill! #6
2:00am – Akame Ga Kill! #7
2:30am – Akame Ga Kill! #8
2:00am – (Daylight Saving Bonus Hour) Akame Ga Kill! #9
2:30am – (Daylight Saving Bonus Hour) Akame Ga Kill! #10
3:00am – Akame Ga Kill! #11