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Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime Lines Up New Director

tokyo ghoul:reThe recently-revealed Tokyo Ghoul:re anime adaptation now has a principal staff listing, revealing a switch-up in the director position. While 2014’s Tokyo Ghoul anime and 2015’s Tokyo Ghoul √A followup were both directed by Shuhei Morita (Freedom, Kakurenbo – Hide & Seek), Tokyo Ghoul:re will have Odahiro Watanabe (Soul Buster, episodes of Tiger & Bunny, Log Horizon, and many more) at the helm.

The other major change so far has Atsuko Nakajima (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto) taking over for Kazuhiro Miwa as character designer.

As for return runs, Chuji Mikasano is on series composition, Studio Pierrot is producing with Pierrot+, and Natsuki Hanae is listed as the lead.

Here’s the teaser from earlier this month if you missed it:

Via Crunchyroll