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There’s a Horse Race Named in Honor of hololive VTuber Minato Aqua

Virtual YouTuber Minato Aqua isn’t quite three-years-old, but she’s already an ambassador for the Yokosuka Sea Anime Carnival event and has had a horse race named after her. In fact, the two things are connected.

The Yokosuka Sea Anime Carnival event is still to come, and the Minato Aqua Cup that took place on July 5 wanted to promote the sea anime carnival. Hence, they named the horse race after the adorable ambassador.

Aqua shared the news with lots of exclamation points . . .

And she livestreamed the horse race. The actual event starts at about 2:45 in the video. She made some predictions on which horses she expected to win, though, alas, all of the predictions fell short. But hopefully the promotional part will help!

Source: ANN


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